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Giving Tuesday and Appeals That Inspire Action

Updated: Jan 7

The close of the year is the time to review, reflect, and revise marketing strategies. How did you reach and grow your supporters this year?

There were more Giving Tuesday emails in my inbox than ever before on December 3. Most of the organizations have a mission I fully believe in and have supported in the past, yet I found myself tuning many out simply because there were so many—including duplicate messages throughout the day and evening. Yes, you’ve got to keep asking to stay in the minds of supporters. But how do you determine the defining line of just-enough (inspiring action) and too many (ineffective and lost).

Cultivating a quality email list of dedicated supporters is worth every ounce of the time and tenacity it takes to compile. Three weeks later, I’m looking back through my Giving Tuesday emails for stories with a compelling message to inspire me to contribute before the end of the year.

Emails have longevity, unlike a post scrolled past and lost forever in a timeline. According to the Pew Research Center, the average number of social media platforms that Americans use is three, and the growing list—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, et al keeps evolving and fragmenting marketing outreach.

Devoted followers want to hear success stories with descriptive detail: Whose lives were changed, and how? Which endangered species gained ground, and why? It’s the foundation of a news story, the who-what-when-where-why-how that speaks to our hearts and minds.

What made an impression: Three men speaking from the heart telling how it’s life changing learning computer repair skills and being employed now in jobs they love. Preserving forty-two acres on a fragile mountain ecosystem alongside Lake Superior by raising matching funds. The local Humane Society extending a heartwarming personal invitation of gratitude to celebrate together at a neighborhood restaurant.

Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle is the foundation to persuade and motivate. Words with pathos—a message from the heart that stirs emotion—balanced with logic and evidence (logos) and credibility (ethos) are the ingredients for a message that inspires a call to action.

Continuously nurture both your established and potential new supporters with invaluable email contacts and vibrant email campaigns, alongside targeting social media platforms they engage with. Spreading efforts too widely is time-intensive for staff and counter-effective if not done well.

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