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House Farm Bill’s Poison Pollinators Provision is an attack on pollinators, insects, and birds. A vo

Pollinators will face a greater risk of extinction putting the U.S. food supply at risk if the current version of the Farm Bill that passed the House Agricultural Committee on April 18 is approved. A vote is expected to take place this week.

One-third of our food is pollinated by birds, bats, and insects. Birds and insect populations, including native bees, butterflies, and migratory songbirds are facing serious declines and agricultural chemicals are a major cause.

Immediate action needed is to call your U.S. Representative at 877.226.1189 and urge them to vote no on the House Farm Bill.

The Poison Pollinators Provision would eliminate the existing environmental review process that requires expert wildlife agencies to be consulted on the impact of pesticides on endangered species, including more than 300 species already known to be threatened by pesticides. Additionally, citizens would lose their rights to submit public comments or utilize the courts to protect endangered species from pesticides.

Dow Chemical has donated $11 million to congressional campaigns and PAC’s, spent an additional $75 million lobbying Congress, and donated $1 million to Trump’s inauguration (Center for Biological Diversity news release 4.12.18). The Poison Pollinators Provision is an attempt at deregulation and a gift to the powerful chemical industry at the expense of endangered species, pollinators, and the stability and safety of the U.S. food supply.

Urgently needed now are calls to the Senate Agricultural Committee. Call 202.224.2035 to share your comments on the negative impact of the Poison Pollinators Provision and why it must be opposed.







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