Philosophy and background

I’m a freelance environmental writer living in West Michigan. I am dedicating my work to amplifying progressive solutions to restore physical and psychological health through enhancing interconnections with the outdoors, healthy food, and sustainable living. You can follow my blog at

I lived in San Diego prior to Grand Rapids and worked as a public relations writer with non-profit social services, health and running (racing) promotion.


Western Michigan University, bachelors in business administration and advertising

Continued courses at University of California/San Diego

Master naturalist credential, Michigan State University

writing on the power 
of health and holistic eating, organic food, regenerative farming, and nutrient density—amplifying food security solutions for people of all ages

The best writing happens when the writer ‘lives and breathes’ the topic they write about. Nature, the environment, sustainable living and health all interconnect; and researching, writing, and educating on this interconnection is my passion. I write on environmental issues specific to Michigan (e.g, PFAS, Kirtland’s warbler recovery), follow local initiatives (e.g., Grand River protection), and follow critical updates on urgent topics (e.g., CAFO’s and water contamination) and engage on statewide issues at the legislative level in Lansing.


I hike, bike, camp, and birdwatch throughout Michigan’s lower and upper peninsulas and have restored my own yard to a native wildlife habitat. I’m also a small-space urban organic farmer and an avid proponent of supporting local farms, CSA’s, and locally-owned businesses.

Who is your audience?

We have a message that we need to communicate to the world. But what does this really mean? We can’t reach everyone, and even if we could it wouldn't be effective. How do we choose to reach the people who will benefit most from our service or products?


Finding your niche, however small it might be, is key. Because your niche represents the people who will respond to your message. The ’80-20 rule’ can help explain why defining a niche is so important, because it’s estimated that 20 percent of our efforts produce 80 percent of the results we’re looking for. Locate and focus on that highly-productive 20 percent that produces the results that you need.

Define your niche. Then, you can begin to brainstorm the media which will effectively reach key people who need and want to hear your message.

To convey your message, it must be heard

Digital media has opened countless paths for communication. But the adage that ‘there are trade-offs in everything’ is true. We have many choices to get our message out to the world, but it won’t be effective if it’s not reaching our niche.

Who are you ultimately trying to influence? How do you convey your message to your audience? Which media fall into your ’20 percent’?

Environmental companies and organizations benefit with strategic planning which may include:

•active blogging, e-newsletters, email campaigns 

•on-site special event coverage and photos

•news releases, media coordination 

•full-length researched feature stories, special interest media 

•social media campaigns 


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